Sunday, September 10, 2006

Buckingham vs the pub

Landed from London yesterday and spent the day totally tweeked from jetlag... Had yet another London.. The trips are going so junior.. I think it is a combination of the short layover, the fear of becoming sacrificial lambs to the inability of the smoke and mirrors security is displaying to foil attacks on us, and the horror of not having chapstick, lotions, makeup on the return flight. (You should see some of us getting out of crew rest!)

I have been to London probably 30 times now, and I always end up out with my friends who live there, doing various pub crawl activities. This time was going to be different.. I was going to Buckingham Palace, which is open right now for public tour. I was going to take advantage of my time in London and see something historical/cultural. And then my bed seduced me with its soft pillowed ways. I had set my alarm, letting myself sleep 2 hours after the all nighter. The alarm went off, and I did a quick analysis of my burning eyes, achingly tired body, and asked those few questions I always ask. Where am I? Who am I? Why?...

Then I hit snooze, woke up a few hours later (after Palace closing)... and met my friends Estelle, Sarah, and 3 of theirs, along with one of our other flight attendants for drinks and appies in Notting Hill.

Drinking 1 : Culture : 0.

What can I say???

Today is cold and rainy, so think I will maybe do a movie and clean the house...