Monday, June 05, 2006

Near arrest in Wisconsin

On saturday I went up to a lake in Wisconsin with a flight attendant friend and the guy she is dating and a friend of his, and one obnoxious dog.
The weather was perfect. We lounged around on tubes and worked on our tans. I had a go on the jetski, and within a half an hour had caused a big scene with lake police. Apparently I caused wake in a "no wake zone". I seem to get into trouble everywhere I go. They actually pulled me over with a flashing light and everything. Funny thing is, the jetski I was driving was like a 1982 model and looked like a Barbie jetski, and couldn't go very fast anyhow.
The lake cop was a rather large female of questionable sexual orientation, and did not find humour in my "I am just learning to drive this thing" defense. Anyway, I got off somehow with just a warning.

If I wasn't a person with a uniform, I would state right here that I generally don't like people in uniform!