Thursday, April 13, 2006


I am in decompression from a rather ugly domestic 2 day... Nothing a couple of glasses of red can't soothe.... I did have a bit of a wake up call though... worked one leg with a lady who must have been late 50's .. but had that quality that some have that makes age hard to place. Is she 60? a bad 49? 112? Anyway, bless her heart, she was the epitomy of what you fear you may become in your deepest, most secret anti-fantasies. Stew-hag... tent sized uniform dress, strange brooch on her dress of a cat flying an airplane? disheveled... unpredictable with passengers.. this lady was pretty much crackers....nothing I had not seen before... not nearly as nutty as the lady I flew to Sydney with about 2 years ago who had a mustache, and cornered me in the first class galley showing me photos of her 18 or so African grey parrots. but still, sad. Anyhow, I sat next to this lady on my jumpseat, and I just got a sad vibe from her... lonliness, and regrets. She started talking about her weight and how she used to be 118 lbs, when she started flying... she mentioned some other things. I looked over at her and felt sorry for her. She had her (this is the worst bit) Harlequin romance novel on her lap, and take-out sandwich in a bag beside her. and I had a flash of insight. I bet she was pretty and vibrant when she was younger... and had probably had a few hot lovers. I bet she can't explain how time flew, and a proffesion once viewed as glamorous became unappreciated,underpaid, and sometimes ridiculed. Anyway, I made a little promise to myself... to do this for a bit longer, but not to make it the be-all end-all of my existance. God help me if I ever have a Harlequin romance novel on my size 18 lap while sitting on my jumpseat.

If any of my family members are reading my blog tonight... Please... if I don't quit, on my own, in the next 2 years, set a date, don't tell me of it, and on that day, execute an intervention. Much like you would if I joined a Polygamist cult. Come and get me and hand in my resignation. Sedate me, remove all cat pins and pictures from my possesion, and take me somewhere tranquil. I am sure, free of hypoxia, pretzels, and polyester, I will come to my senses. Consider this your permission slip!!