Monday, April 10, 2006

Operation Chicken Rescue

3 days off... Thank God... after a 3 day domestic nightmare trip, I need it just to recover. I was feeling particularly cranky on this last trip. The things that normally just make me roll my eyes and snicker were causing near catastrophic increases in blood pressure, and frequent "I quit" fantasies. Nothing out of the norm, just the usual, the hiding of the ipod between legs, (I can see the backlight shining, clearly it is on after our electronic devices announcement has been made). The stand still or near crawl on the moving walkway.... I am not really a type A person, and don't want it to come across that way, but doesn't a moving walkway insinuate "walking"? I am sure people might have somewhere to go, like to another city or country, if they are at an airport? Oh well, I have to resolve myself to the fact that I will see these things over and over. This job is just like the movie groundhogs day. Just different crews, different cities, different hotel bars. At least my crew was cool. We invented a new charity. We called it "operation chicken rescue". After a 12 hour + duty day, with no scheduled crew meal, (apparently we are robots).. And nothing but pretzels for us, I felt a bad case of either scurvy or rickets coming on. I took a peek at our first class catering.. salads with sliced chicken breast. Then I took a look at the passengers, quite nice, but I noticed several had visible rolls hanging over their seatbelts. That's when I decided on operation chicken save. Just one small slice of chicken breast per 12 entrees, and we could literally build a new chicken breast each per crewmember! It was a win/ win situation. The crew eats, the passengers have forcibly controlled portions, and the whole aircraft has a much more balanced mean blood sugar level. I didn't feel bad about it at all! Anyway, it is a beautiful day and I need to get some fresh air and sunshine before I am sent back into a tube..