Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Oklahoma city

I was less than thrilled when I was called for a very early a.m flight. I had to order a taxi for 4:15. Apparently the dispatcher thought I said 4:50...so there I was all dressed up, crack of dawn, with nowhere to go... After a few heated calls to the taxi co, I gave up, and luckily was able to jump into a cab pulling up on my corner. A very friendly drunk guy (I guess a neighbor of mine!) stumbled out. This all begs the question that I have been asking lately. What the hell am I doing with my life??? On a Sunday morning, spending $ to go to the airport, to go somewhere I don't even need to go to? Anyway, a bad start, but it was actually a nice layover. As I was flying with 2 nutters, (one was the typical "HELLO I AM NOT GAY" straight guy, whose mannerisms and actions are so exaggeratedly masculine it's actually funny), I ended up on my own on the layover. I went to the Oklahoma City memorial. It is actually a very beautiful memorial. There were a lot of visitors, probably because of the marathon that week.

I wandered around Oklahoma city. Due to a gruelling personal training session, I was walking around like I had been on a horse all day... but I think it went unnoticed due to where I actually was.

Due to my usually tragic sense of direction, I actually ended up overshooting the hotel, and happily found myself at some sort of beer garden/ arts fair! This was quite lucky, and more excitement than I thought I would have! I was clearly in middle America though, and people watching in the grass with my beer was certainly interesting. The poor artists tents were sparse with visitors, but the food tents were rocking!

I would have to say the most ridiculous and noteworthy thing I saw was a young couple pushing a stroller, with a 2 or 3 year old in it. He had a portable DVD player strapped to his stroller tray , and was watching a movie! Eyes GLUED. No interest in the family friendly outdoor festival. Probably the most white trash thing I have seen in a long time, and believe me, I have seen plenty.. (I have been working frequently on our "lower fare" airline offshoot)... but I am not mentioning any NAMES.