Saturday, April 15, 2006

Margarita Madness

Tequilla... I don't think it's my friend. I will need to remember that as the summer weather arrives, and the blenders come out. I must be getting old, as it is almost 8 pm, and I am still feeling a bit fuzzy after last night. I went to spend the night with a friend,and since it was such a nice night we made "margs" to drink on his deck...I guess after a couple strong ones and no dinner, I became slightly accident prone. I walked right into his screen door onto the deck, and knocked it right off it's hinges. Somehow I managed not to drop my marg in the process. The screen door falling onto the deck made a pretty big racket. I thought I was going to be in big trouble, and didn't know how I was going to be able to put the door back together in 5 seconds, while drunk. It was the strangest thing too.. the radio on the deck was playing this song with the lyrics "she walked right through the door....she walked right through the door" at that very moment! I didn't know whether to run and get Rob so he could hear the song, or try to fix the door before he came out. Even if I had gotten the thing back on it's hinges, there was evidence of what happened on my face... dirt from the screen on my forehead and nose.... so it turned out to be a bit of a gong show. I honestly felt kind of stoned when I heard that song playing though, it was that strange.

Tomorrow I am going to try to fly home to have Easter at my dad's. The loads look pretty full.. I hope I don't go out to the airport for nothing!