Tuesday, May 30, 2006


In an attempt to be a good Bridesmaid, and help my best friend with the endless list of chores yet to be done, I flew to London for the holiday weekend.

Miracle of miracles I got first class both ways, thank heavens....

I will write more in depth later, but all in all a good weekend. We got a few things done,,, playlists, and then adjustment of playlists after the groom had a bit of a panic regarding the ratio of 80's music we had going. We rearranged some of the seating plan to make sure there wasn't too much of a screaming polarity between the dullest of dull tables, and roaringly drunk, party animal tables.

We bought hair clips, scheduled hairdressers, etc. Weddings certainly do seem to be a logistical nightmare, and if I ever do cross over and join the smug marrieds, I have to say I think I will elope.

Despite London's cold and overcast weather, we had a BBQ at some friends of Matts'. They had a beautiful flat on the river.

Anyway, I am feeling less bridesmaid guilt, and am giddy with excitement anticipating the wedding, which will be in Tuscany :)

Off to the gym to trick my body out of jet lag....