Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mothers Day!

I just got home from visiting my mom over mother's day.... I got on the flights no problem, which was good...

My brother was also visiting my mom, so it was great to see him too.... It was just what I needed considering some stress I have been dealing with in my personal life! sun, pools, and my mom putting Captain Morgan and coke in my sippy cup for my trip to the country club.... (I guess I can blame genes for all of my naughty behavior).. I think some of the blue haired ladies were kind of on to what was in our cups. I think we were having too much fun, and got a few bitter stares. It is an over 55 community, and considering my mom looks decades too young to be there and probably gets glares herself, my brother's and my even more apparent youth was not appreciated. It was kind of like being Cameron Dias in "In her shoes", causing a stir among the chubby ladies floating in the soup temperature pool with their pool noodles. I wasn't sure whether to feel elated at my closing in on 30 making me a mere child there, or alarmed at medical science's inability so far in finding the fountain of youth to save me from a similar saggy bum and pool noodle fate. :( ?

I am not used to that heat! I felt like I was walking through mud for 3 days. I couldn't keep my eyes open either! Anyway, it was good to see my family. I always revert to a 7 year old when I am with my mom. All of a sudden I can't pay for a haircut or make a sandwich myself even. I imagine this will be the case when I am 60 and she is 90!! I love that.

I am back home and it's cold and rainy... I was going to go to Trader Joe's and the gym this evening, but am having trouble pulling myself away from Dr Phil and the computer....

I may just go and get sushi tonight and do the gym/ groceries/ errands tomorrow. :)