Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Post wedding travels

After one of our closest and dearest fell to the side of smug marrieds, us singletons decided to do a bit of road travel... we (the bridesmaids) went off with Capt. Chris, and had a great day in Florence... saw David, got yelled at for taking photos, and had another great dinner... Florence was beautiful, I really loved it. Getting back was a bit of a fiasco as there was a last minute random train strike, but we managed to find our way... The next few days took us to Lucca, San Chimiagno, where we had lunch and enough booze to inspire me to spent about 2 weeks wages on porcelin tableware and olive oil dispensers (which would be fine if I even owned a table... but I am sure one day I will!!!)

Had a very lovely time the last few days, spending the last night in Pisa, before I was on my way. I was very freaked out about getting home during the world cup madness, but somehow got on Lufthansa to FRA, (I have always had great luck pass traveling on LH, they really treat us well too), and the LAST seat on my flight home from Frankfurt, but it was thankfully an aisle seat, and I just knocked myself out with small pills chased by wine. It was nice to get home, but I did suffer several days of that anti-climactic day after Christmas type feeling.... Still, had a wonderful time... wanted to blog it to help remember it. I promise now my blogs will return to horrific inflight incidents and experiences... stay tuned......