Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wedding Tour

It seems I have been going to weddings all year long! My friends have all gone mad and decided to join the smug marrieds. Last weekend I went to Kelowna, (4 hours drive from Vancouver), to my friend Jill's wedding. We had a great time, nothing is better than a late summer road trip to a wedding on a lake! It was a low key wedding, and we (the bridesmaids) were the one's in white. Jill wore off white, as she said her divorcee status and 9 month old baby girl gay exposed the glitches in her facade of bridal innocence.... (none of us bridesmaids should have been in white if that presumption is to be made!).... It was hot as heck and many guests ended up in the lake after the ceremony, including Michael the groom, on water skis in his suit.

The reception was great and I did my best to deplete the open bar... ended the night being in somewhat of a kidnap situation in a speed boat, but found my way to my hotel, and even trickier, my room, safely.

Recovery day started with a handful of drugs.... ativan, gravol and tylenol, a greasy room service breaky, and then we drove back to the lake for 2 ceasers and a jump in the water... fail proof cure!!

drove back to Vancouver and flew home... Now I am really determined to give up the booze and associated junk food and recovery food. I am going to London tonight, so we will see if I can behave myself there. Maybe something less boozy and more cultural... Buckingham palace? A nice, low key high tea with the crew???? Is it possible? stay tuned.......