Friday, November 10, 2006


Oh... Bliss.. vacation. The only time I love my job. With the exception of 2 days in the middle of my 30 days off.. where I will be scrambling around looking for my uniform.

I just got back from a pretty crazy travel blitz.... a few days in Maui, with my parents, back to San Fransisco for 2 days with friends, and then to Australia.. It was a total whirlwind, and not necessairly very well planned. 10 flights in all... bumped from one, and one missed, (that was my fault)...

MAUI - This was actually quite enjoyable, considering I am a bit old for family vacations! The weather was great, but lots of early bedtimes due to lack of trouble to find on the island of Newlyweds and Nearly-deads.... The weather was great though, and I snorkeled alot.. had a brief romance with a 300lb sea turtle who came up to the surface right in front of my face for air. He was beautiful.. barnicle covered head and all.

After Hawaii, I spent 2 days in San Fran, went for my favorite martinis, (lemongrass) and got bumped from my flight to Sydney. They had weight restricted the flight, but wouldn't believe that jumpseaters are immune to this policy.. They refused to call operations, and just stalled and acted all busy closing up the flight while myself and the other F/A fumed with anger. As they pulled the jet bridge. I was in a state of panic, knowing there were open business class seats, with my bum not in it. My last attempt was to jump up and down waving my ID badge frantically at the cockpit while pointing at my bottom... too late.. they had been told to push.

The next day I decided our agents are not only ignorant, but evil, and was afraid to try my luck on us again.. so I flew to Honalulu.. first class, thank God, bought a concession ticket on Air Canada to Sydney. Mistake. 10 hours on a LEMON. I actually paid attention to where my life vest was, as I thought there was about a 50/50 chance of ditching, by the looks of the aircraft interior. I was also not impressed with the pile of cold cuts, small pickle, stale vacuum packed roll, and cold hard pat of butter that was dinner. It was a sleeping pill with a wine chaser, and a quick prayer, before trying to sleep the majority of the flight..

to be continued