Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Big Day

I woke up the day of the wedding slightly hurting.. I could only imagine how bad the others were feeling as I had retired to bed, as they were pulling out a karaoke machine. Outside my window I saw people from the wedding I vaguely recognized, but they were moving slightly more slowly and wearing shades. I found one of Sally's friends (Jane) and joined her on a walk down to the beach. Nothing like jumping in the ocean and being knocked around by monster waves to wake you up. After the swim and an eggs benedict, I felt confident I could get myself together.

We went back to the resort just in time to escape a massive rainstorm. I have never seen rain like this, and I could only imagine the panick and downing of drinks that must have been occuring in the bridal/ bridesmaids unit. It continued to rain the whole day, and we all looked like drowned rats while filing off the bus into the church.... frizzy hair and streaky mascara, and a good 12 hours to go before the walks of shame were to begin!

We forgot about our rain filled shoes when Sally walked into the chapel. She looked beautiful. I tried my best to follow along with the Catholic wedding traditions. I was about 3 seconds behind in all the stand up- sit down- and automatic praying and crossings.

Leaving the chapel we saw to our delight that the rain had let up, and we were free to take the uncovered boat out on the river... YAY! what a relief. the bride and groom showed up, it stopped raining, and the champage was flowing. The reception dinner was great, ad the dancefloor was packed. I seem to remember Ucle Lenny moon walking at one point. by the end of the night I was demanding Jessie's girl from a confused Aussie DJ. Another friend gone to the smug marrieds!