Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My trial retirement

I can't believe how many months it has been since I have posted.. I had a total burn out last year from too much work and pleasure travel, and went into a power save of sorts! I took all of my 2007 vacation at once followed by a special leave.. I was really planning on doing a quiet sneak out, and had even taken a new job at a medical spa, and started my masters program, but alas, the masochist in me must have spoken, as I am flying again... perhaps just until my program gets going in full swing, but who is to say.. I seem to cry wolf a lot about quitting..

So here it is June! I just finished a month of Munich and Frankfurts, language position. Yes, my kitchen is well stocked with beer and chocolate. Both are very much needed after dealing with the German and Eastern European passengers. I have been frequently abandoning the carts in the aisle to run into the galley or nearest lav for a few "serenity nows". This summer is supposed to be total mutiny with the system collapsing under strained aircraft and crew scheduling. Perhaps I should just be nannying, walking dogs or selling ice cream on the beach? I would likely earn more money with a Mr Tubesteak cart :(